Additional Information

 Dates and Times of Courses

Class #1:

      • Friday, 6p-10p
      • Saturday, 8a-5p
      • Sunday, 8a-5p

Class #2:

      • Monday, 8a-5p
      • Tuesday, 8a-5p
      • Friday, 6p-10p

Class #3:

      • Wednesday, 8a-5p
      • Thursday, 8a-5p
      • Friday, 6p-10p

What to bring to your course:

MRU will provide the motorcycle.

Helmets are also provided if you do not have your own ¾ or full faced helmet.

Regardless of your riding experience, you are required to wear all protective gear during the riding portion of your class.

You should come to the riding portion with:

  • a long sleeved shirt or jacket

  • long non-flared denim pants or equivalent protective material

  • sturdy over the ankle footwear (not canvas)

  • shatter-resistant eye protection

  • full fingered gloves, preferably leather

  • a DOT approved “full-face,” or “¾ helmet” (One may be provided if you don’t have one.)

*Failure to bring and wear the appropriate riding attire will result in a drop from the
current class and the student will forfeit their tuition*

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