Custom Glass Bongs

Custom Glass Bongs


Do not hesitate to contact us, together we will find the most effective answer for you. Session Goods is a new bong model that is quickly making a reputation for itself within the hashish community. Session Goods bongs are made from top quality borosilicate glass and are affordable for all budgets. In addition, they’ve all kinds of straight tube bongs, beaker bongs, and bubbler bongs to choose from.

  • Some of the most effective borosilicate glass bongs may be dropped from great heights and never break.
  • A silicone bong presents all the core features of the best glass bongs, but provides excessive durability and portability to the combo.
  • For example, the Double Showerhead Perc water pipe is a good example of C2 bubblers.
  • The lightweight and compact size of this bubbler additionally makes it excellent for these looking for a bong to take with them on the go.
  • Session Goods is a model new bong model that is rapidly making a name for itself in the hashish community.

This means your smoke is filtered twice as totally as with a traditional single shower head. In terms of design, the Shisha Double Showerhead Perc appears quite modern. This implies that the seal is embedded in the glass; It also hastens smoking reduction within the perc. When the neck of a bong is pointing up, the individual has to bend the neck at an awkward angle. Each bubbler from C2 Custom Creations is ergonomically designed to prevent this.

5″ Sized Unfastened Glass Hand Whistles

Wooden bongs supply a traditional look unmatched by traditional glass options. Create a conventional straight pipe bong or add a spherical base to vary the look of your products. Add a picture or brand easily with our laser, screen and pad printing capabilities. Although they work and performance like regular bongs, the hits they produce usually are not as easy as glass or silicone bongs. Also, they are not built to final and will shortly degrade and crack with common use.

25″ Hand Whistle Made Of Silicone With Honeycomb Structure And Glass Bowl

Many cigarette stores and marijuana shops promote glass bong accessories that you can use to show them into dab rigs. Still, some customers simply add a little bit of wax to their cannabis flower container. Smoking with blown glass bongs helps reduce the dry warmth that occurs when smoking joints or bowls, providing a smoother, cooler, and extra fluid smoking expertise. Before blown glass bongs turned the norm, ceramic bongs had been king. These bongs perform and feel just like glass bongs, but provide superior resistance to temperature adjustments, making hits slightly cooler.

Green Mushroom Fairy Swarovski Crystal Hookah

An acrylic bong is the cheap, clear, onerous plastic bong that virtually all young stoners purchase early of their hashish profession. These hookahs are the predecessors of silicone pipes, however with much less flexibility and high quality control in phrases of supplies. A silicone bong presents all of the core features of one of the best glass bongs, however provides extreme durability and portability to the combo. These flexible bongs function an impact-resistant, food-grade silicone body that is dishwasher safe, collapsible, and lightweight. In terms of features, most silicone bongs are small and comprise a normal down tube with either metal bowls or silicone-wrapped glass bowls.

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